2 Line Sensor Method AF (Auto-Focus) Microscope Unit

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Model Number UI-S
AF Part Unit-Simple
Driving Part ZA-S
Controller Part Auto-focus Unit Interface:USB/EXT.I/O AC100V〜200V 1A Including applications for adjustments
Lighting Part Sold separately
Suitable Microscope
(Objective Lens)
Nikon CFI Series、Mitutoyo M Plan Series
Observing Method Bright Field
Lighting Method Epi-illumination
Opt. Mag. 1x(subject to test target)~100x(subject to application environment)
Search Speed 0.3sec(Obj. lens 20x、search area±250μm)
Tracing Speed 555μm/sec (obj. lens 20x Max)
Test Target Glass(LCD,PDP)、Plastic(Microlens、C-MOS)、Film(for LCD)Metal、Paper、Liquid(non-applicable liquids also exist)

Operating Principle

A striped pattern specifically for the auto-focus application is projected onto the target sample. The reflected striped pattern and the target sample image are simultaneously transferred to the image sensing module, where through passing the beam splitter two divergent light beams are formed with differential light path lengths and are directed respectively to two separate line sensors. By comparing the photo-electronic signals between the two line sensors, the shift in focus can be accurately and speedily adjusted with high traceability.

Customization Examples

Revolver Type/UB Series
Revolver Type/US Series