Demo Loaner / Quotation Request

Please note the following points before making an inquiry.


  • Please be aware that a response will take place in the next busness day after weekends (Sat.& Sun.), designated holidays, New Year holidays, summer break, etc.
  • If the e-mail address or the phone number is entered incorrectly, our response might not be able to reach you.
  • In case there is no response from us, please kindly forward your inquiry to us by calling Optart Corp.
    at +81-3-5628-5116 (Tokyo HQ) or +81-92-437-5810 (Kyushu Branch Office).

Please enter the necessary information into the following form. Please press the "Confirm" button to proceed. In general, the loaning period for the lens demos is 2 weeks. Please consult separately if a longer loaning period is desired.
[] is mandatory.

Please enter the product model number for the pertinent quotation and demo loaner requests. If there is more than one desired product, please use the comma sign to separate the model numbers.

In case a demo loaner is required, please enter the desired borrowing and returning date below. ※Please note that the maximum loaning period is up to two weeks.